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Can constant throat clearing/trying to get throat mucus out be a sign of drug use?

For the last couple of years my friend who lives out of state (so I can’t directly observe) has constantly cleared his throat/made disgusting sounds like he’s trying to clear mucus from his throat. In college he was somewhat of party guy, and I know he has used things like cocaine before at parties, but I never thought it was something frequent (I have never used drugs in my life, and never saw him). We talk on the phone often and I have noticed that he is up very late typically, and has shown quite a bit of instability at times. He seems normal enough otherwise, but the constant compulsive gross throat sounds is very weird since he never did that in the past. Could this be a sign of drug use?  

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  • Tommy
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    8 months ago

    Well it could be a sign of sinus issues, lung issues, tonsil problems, a turrets tick, thyroid problems and more. Drug use is also a possibility.

  • Anonymous
    8 months ago

    Well did he move to a colder or more polluted climate? Sometimes that causes constant throat-clearing. It could also be his immune system, which could be compromised by drugs among many other things. Clearing your throat often isn't really necessarily a sign of drug use... nor is instability and things. Maybe you can try to subtly ask him. 

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