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Not sure if I should react.. One of my best friends ratted me out to her other friend?

I was having a terrible day at work thanks to one of my managers who decided to scream my name repeatedly on the floor. It was all over a food order she failed to send out.. then she decided to twist the story to a manager and say I refused an order.. on top of that she talked about me to several people..comparing me to other crew she dislikes. After speaking with a head manager about this experience, one of my best friends ,(call her B) asked me twice who I was talking about in the office.. I thought she was just being supportive.. I even said " I know she's your friend too, I just don't want to put you in a weird position" and she said she understood and even brought up the fact that she's bipolar. I ended up telling B a lot, then right after our conversation she texted the girl I was talking about. I felt like I could trust her, even went to the movies the night before. She freaks out on customers and crew, I get that B is friends with her but should I be upset about her ratting me out??

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    Wow. Do you work with a bunch of 4th graders?

    Personally I would feel very upset and betrayed, but I'd also be angry at myself.

    Take this as a lesson learned, the less you say the better.

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  • 7 months ago

    go directly to your HR dept and file a complaint about the manager and about the girl B

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  • 7 months ago

    move on......................................

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  • marty
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    Why care? You shouldn't talk about anybody if you don't want them to know. It's not right for you to ask friends to keep secrets from other friends. 

    • Jamie7 months agoReport

      I never asked her to keep a secret from her friend.. but she already went to a manager about me so I felt I had to get the story straight

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  • 7 months ago

    As soon as I read "scream on the floor", I knew that the screamer was wrong. One doesn't do that. Managers don't scream. Particularly where customers can hear them.

    Everything else in that interaction is the manager trying to cover their butt for acting unprofessional (probably unsuccessfully, one doesn't scream in front of customers.)

    As to your personal situation, you told B a secret. Remember what Benjamin Franklin said "Three may keep a secret, if two of them be dead." 

    You, B and the other are three friends, it's foolish to think that there are secrets between only two of you.

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