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Will the debt bomb cause America's collapse?

Over $23T, 107 percent of GDP, now skyrocketing by over a TRILLION dollars a year thanks to trump and those tax cuts that totally pay for themselves

how are we ever going to pay this back?

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    Well, you have to impose hard line socialism today, or next year. Make it illegal to dodge tax for those large corporations, meaning they can't move their corporation to some tax haven, and they have to pay a large amount of tax, which will go towards paying off the debt, and move towards tougher regulation, government control of important industries. You can't have people owning shares all around the world in US weapons. 

    That means anybody around the world makes money by getting the US to go to war, including the presidents themselves. There's absolute nothing stopping rampant corruption in the US, it's openly as corrupt as it could possibly be. They pay them off, pay for their election campaigns, give them shares, so they make money from insider trading while they start wars that blow up millions to make oil and heroin profits, and who makes those heroin profits? They aren't even taxed, yet the longest deployment in US history is for one reason and one reason only, heroin profits. Why are you paying trillions for that? Where's your free heroin? 

    I been giving you a hundred and one reasons why the world wants to kill you all, already, your inaction on climate change, your bullying and invasions, the drug dealing, the debt. It doesn't make sense to kill you if you owe them money, unless they just take all your gold and silver and oil, from the smoking remains. Which they might. 

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    Compare to the Tax base which runs in the 1000 trillion, shows the debt is never really a debt because it lives, breathes, and reflects the image to the world, the USA credit raring is way over 800....

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    Trump is raising his debt at a higher average per year than Obama did, and that's with no Recession when he took office.

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    When the Democrats took over the government in 2007 the debt was 8T and the deficit 161B 

    Under a democrat controlled government, the deficit tripled twice in back to back years and hit over a trillon for 3 years in a row. The deficit in 2009 under  complete democrat control was 1,413B and they ran up the debt to nearly 20T by the time Obama left office. 

    Republican took back over and immediately cut the deficit back down to 400B

    Then Democrats take the house and immediately bring back the trillion dollar deficits with a 40% increase their first year. 

    I'm not sure how that's Trump's fault. 

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    11 months ago

    There is no taxing our way out of this. We need spending cuts.

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    Under other circumstances, Yes but we do have a wild-card.

    Divine-Intervention has been granted by

    the people of Agartha, Lemuria and Atlantis.

    They are the true rulers of our planet - NOT America.


    How will we pay it back? Easy, we won't have to. recognizing the debt is fake. The institutions

    that print them - led by the Federal Reserve - are

    rotten to the core and unconstitutional. We need a

    debt jubilee.

    Trump is in the process of shutting down the Fed now.

    They should be gone by 2025; so we can get on with our lives!!!

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    Yes, and this is 100% Trump’s deal. He lied about TaxScam, he lied about paying down the debt, and he lied to the middle class about how they would participate. 

    Trump and Koch plan to pay it back by eliminating social security and Medicare. 

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    weve had this debt for 200+ years, its a non-issue. Who is gonna force us to pay? Yea nobody that's who

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    11 months ago

    It's getting way too close and we need to deal with it. SOON. 

    But it's hardly on Trump.

    The debt literally doubled under the last one.

    Obama spent more than all 43 presidents before him, combined. 

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