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2004 Escalade Hesitates when accelerating?

 other day,the ABS and TC lit up on dash,and it hesitated.Scared me!It never died and started going.It isnt every time,only maybe 3rd or 4th time.Some days only once.One mechanic thought plugs and wires and replaced.Another said for sure the O2 sensors.Neither helped.Also lights up 'stability system disabled'.Related?Any advice would be greatly appreciated

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    You probably have a bad front wheel bearing. That will cause a wheel speed sensor to fail. The PCM cuts the motor power when the ABS and TC are activated or disabled.

    Go to the dealer. It sounds like you don't know how to find a good mechanic!

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    It is time to see a mechanic with a dealer level scanner and check for trouble codes.  Could be a bad wheel sensor or bad wheel sensor reluctor ring or bad speed sensor or if you are not lucky, a bad ABS module.

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    The very first thing you need to do is find a competent mechanic with the proper diagnostic tools. 

    Yes those can be related

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    Does the symptom go away when "stability system disabled" message comes on?  If so, the issue may be a wheel speed sensor, or its related wiring or modules.  I know this sounds silly, but humor my line of reasoning.  Your engine (be it the 5.3 or the 6.0) has a drive-by-wire engine management system.  This means that there is no mechanical linkage between the accelerator pedal and the throttle body for the engine.  To control engine speed, your accelerator pedal has a sensor that tells the ECM how much you are stepping on the pedal.  The ECM then controls engine speed accordingly by controlling an electronic valve on the engine (the valve is called a throttle body).  But your Cadillac also has traction control.  If the Cadillac perceives a loss of traction, the Cadillac will act to attempt to restore traction.  One action it will take will be to de-power the engine.  So even if your foot is to the floor, pedal to the metal, the ECM will de-power the engine for a few moments until it believes that traction has been restored.  If there is a failure, in which the Caddy believes that traction has been lost, it will do everything I just said.  If the failure is so severe, that the Caddy realizes that something is not right, and it's hasn't actually lost traction, it may disable the stability/traction control to prevent unncesseary corrective action, hence the "stability system disabled" message.  In my opinion, I would use a scan tool to monitor individual wheel speed input and see if any off them are reading incorrectly, then go from there.

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    Seems like a brake / caliper issue

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