What is your favorite FOREIGN soft-drink?

Of course FOREIGN depends on where you're prom. My favorites included most Ginger beers from Jamaica, Scotland's Irn-Bru and various versions of Dandelion and Burdock from England

2 Answers

  • Irn-bru is good mate 😉

    Look at the Essex comedian who adopts Hilarious Crazy Scotsman Persona saw 2 clips with him ranting about Irn-Bru it's really funny 😂 (guy in pic)

    Don't really have a fave.

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    Source(s): BRU'd in Scotland since 1901 to a secret recipe of 32 flavours with a spirit that's as bold as its taste. You can't describe it, because there's nothing like it. Only available in Scotland.
  • Anonymous
    9 months ago

    Ginger beer is great mixed with Canadian whiskey

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