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Could employer education assistance fringe benefits be used to purchase a guitar tax free?

I found a guitar that was listed for sale as having been played during Jordin Sparks first tour. This guitar is said to be an autographed guitar and the asking price is $3000. I know musical instruments are considered educational goods in most cases, and do you think the rules could be stretched to allow for the purchase of this guitar?


The guitar would sit in a storage unit while it gains value and then be resold as a mint condition museum piece to a place like Madame Tussaud’s wax museum. They could use the guitar in an exhibit eventually.

Update 2:

Could the edication benefits also be used to purchase other jordin sparks memorabilia such as Amplifiers, performance costumes, mics and other “concert tour relics” to be used in a museum. These could be considered educational items for a musician? How likely is this idea to work?

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    9 months ago

    You are completely delusional if you think that guitar is worth $3000 and even more delusional if you think it's going to appreciate in value. Does anyone really care about that signature? You sound like a child. 

    Source(s): Buying and selling guitars for 57 years
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    I  am a career multi degreed professional musician and music educator. We have well over a hundred grand in very fine musical instruments in our studios (all appraised and insured), not counting print and recorded music and all the durable equipment we use in teaching and performing. I have made every single dollar since 1973 in live music. Well into 7 figures.  You, on the other hand, are a clueless and manipulative opportunist if you think that some thing you over pay for, because it was exposed to the same air as a temporarily known celebrity, will be a future cash cow for you. Using an educational premise is FRAUD.  We support many groups that provide instruments and instruction to LEGITIMATE music students.  You plan is as dumb as it is ILLEGAL.  And every day / more people say "Jordin WHO????"  This is massive FAIL.

  • 9 months ago

    Not at that price tag. A good chunk of that $3000 for signature and not for guitar.

    But, it never hurts to ask. Check you your employer's program. You might have to enroll in a guitar course and buy this as a "school supply". 

  • Anonymous
    9 months ago

    Probably only if your career involves playing a musical instrument. Education assistance is primarily given towards a degree at an accredited institution. Given that in order to learn guitar, you don't need a $3,000 one and that if by any stretch they paid, it would be for lessons in a course where you were given letter grades of a C or better. Keep saving.

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