Which of these courses are most demanded?

Rank from most demanded to least demanded:

1) Data Mining

2) Python

3) Cloud Computing

4) Mobile App Development

5) Visual Programming

6) Digital Logic & Design

7) Assembly Language

8) 3D Game Development

9) Machine Language

10) Data Science

11) Deep Learning

12) Artificial Intelligence

13) Certified White-Collar Crime Course

14) Cyber Security

2 Answers

  • Snezzy
    Lv 7
    11 months ago

    Ah, now I understand. You are developing a plan for courses for technical education, and are hoping to find, here amongst the Yahoo idiots, a person who knows more than you do about your task, your understandably difficult task.

    Here is a simple approach that some colleges use. List all those courses in your catalogue, and discover which ones your potential students request. Drop the listings for the courses nobody wants.

    Conversely, you could investigate other schools. Pretend to be a new student, and ask them annoying questions about the various courses. Don't just talk to the Dean of Admissions, but get involved in conversations with actual faculty, peppering them with "what-if" questions until they refuse to talk to you further.

    You cannot, as you already know, rely upon the employment ads that you see online. The employment-ad process is so out of touch with reality that "already filled" and "we gave up" positions will appear for months. I sometimes wonder if the people who post those ads are trying to build mailing lists of potential students for courses in technical education.

  • EddieJ
    Lv 7
    11 months ago

    According to "Bluebird International", they all have zero demand.  

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