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Math + Physics - Projectile Motion PLEASEEEEE HELPPPPPP?

How would incorporate air resistance in my equation of motion that relates the theat angle, the final veloxoty and vertical and horizontol displacements. I know what the values of x and y will be.

The equation is

y=x tan⁡θ-1/2 a((x sec⁡θ)/v)^2

y is the vertical displacement

x is the horizontal

a is acceleration

theta is angle

I want to know how would incorporate air resistance to the overall formula.

At the end i want to find the final velocity at an angle given the x and y points.

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    Incorporating air resistance requires some difficult maths and is too long and complicated to describe here. There are many links - just do a Google search for "projectiles with air resistance". 

    For example look at this:

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  • 5 months ago

    Air resistance is proportional to velocity of the object, so it changes as the speed changes. But it depends on the size and shape and composition of the object and also on the air density and air pressure. So air resistance is a very hard thing to model in an equation.

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