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Jake asked in HealthMental Health · 11 months ago

Do people who have suicidal thoughts or commit suicide always have a mental illness?

I was thinking about this, never in my life did I want to take my own life away or have tried, but I have always questioned about living...

Like for ex... if someone commits suicide we always resort to them having depression.

Is it possible that someone commits suicide because they can't handle living life? like paying bills?

What happens if they are in lots of debt and going to be hit with lawsuits?

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  • 11 months ago
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    the answer to the first question, is no.. many suicide cases were not related to a mental health illness, and some are attributed to medical/surgical conditions like hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism..

    people commit suicide or attempt suicide for random different things.. a number of Japanese soldiers had committed suicide when their country surrendered in WWII.. many people committed suicide during the financial collapse of the 1930s and in 2008, and many were not known to have a mental illness.. some commit suicide from a strong sense of duty, some to avoid pain, shame and/or hardship, and some for a wrong promise or wrong belief..      `

    in the past, i have encountered several teenagers who attempted suicide for attention-seeking: some because of a crush for a girl or a boy, some as the result of 'middle-child syndrome' (who doesn't get enough attention as the youngest or the oldest sibling).. or something that is totally stupid like wanting a car or an expensive make-up.. my last case, was an attempted suicide by a 16 y/old who did not like summer camp and wanted to go back home against her parents wishes.. the problem with such attempts is that some actually succeed.. few years back, 2 siblings conspired to fake a suicide attempt to get a game console, when the eldest got on the roof and threatened to commit suicide, he slipped and fell..

    there are several stories of such nature..in regards to the last question, what happens if someone had debts and about to be sued? .. you should direct that question to the 'law and ethic' sub-section of yahoo answers under 'Politics and Government section to get better answers from people who know the law better.. and do not forget to mention which country, state or district you live in, because different countries, states and districts have different laws and regulations about transferring debts from the deceased to the surviving relatives..

    the general answer is that family members do not inherit these debts or lawsuits, unless they themselves are are involved in them.. for example, if a family member co-signed on a bank-loan, or a partner in a company that is receiving the law suit.. however in most cases, spouse and off-springs do not inherit such things.. however.. the other party can lay claim on the assets that the deceased owned.. for example, if the deceased owns a car or a house or had a lot of money in a bank account, they can claim those properties as compensation through a court order until the debts are paid in full, leaving the family with nothing.. but again, different places have different laws about such things, so make sure you mention where you are when you ask such questions..

     all the best..

  • Andy C
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    11 months ago

    Virtually everyone has had suicidal thoughts, so no.

  • 11 months ago

    Depends on what you'd call mental illness. A person pushed to such extremes is usually mentally damaged in some way. It could be depression, or progressive, sure, but I'd say sudden experiences could lead a person to it as well. For instance, I've read stories about parents doing it due to the sudden overwhelming, painful experience of losing a child. Idk, could depression hit a person hard and suddenly? I've always thought of depression as something that's gradual, and something with a spectrum of severity.

  • Anonymous
    11 months ago

    suicidal thoughts were put in my head when I told someone I was stressed. She said you're not suicidal are ? I said no, but later the thought went into my head,

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  • JR
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    11 months ago

    I think if a person is suicidal, they are mentally ill. If a person thinks that suicide is the only answer to depression or paying bills this is a serious mental illness. These people need professional help to deal with these suicidal thoughts.

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