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Do you really need to leave some empty space for SSD?

I read that you don't want to use up all the storage space on a SSD because your drive will work more and will be using more wear and tear on it.  Someone said to leave about 25 to 50 percent of the drive empty.  I just got a 4 terabyte SSD for Christmas and I am down to my last terabyte from installing a lot of games so should I just leave the 1 terabyte storage of the drive alone correct?


Sorry, I didn't mean wear and tear, I mean't the more full the SSD is, it slows down because the drive will have a lot of partially filled blocks which is harder to write than empty blocks .  

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    No, the SSD itself automatically reserves extra space. So if you have a 4TB drive (which is pretty expensive), then there might actually be 4.5 or 5.0 TB of actual space on the drive, and the drive controller electronics keeps that hidden from the OS.

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    SSDs don't wear and tear. You can load them all the way to max.

    I would just save an extra 10% for doing cleanup that is really insignificant with SSDs.

    No they don't slow down with capacity.

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    SSD doesn't have any moving parts.  You needn't worry "wear and tear".

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    that's a throw back from disk drives but it's a smaller percentage

    it's a good idea with any drive but 2-3 % should be more than enough

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