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No Period after plan B, pregnancy tests say Negative?

So, I slept with someone in the middle of October 2019. The condom broke, we went and purchased Plan B immediately and I took it not even 20 minutes after sex. I got my period on October 19th and it was a longer period and heavier than normal. My usual is 3-4 days, very heavy. This one was 7 days, extremely heavy. 

I've now taken 6 at home pregnancy tests, I've had 3 urine tests at the doctor and all have come back negative. I'm waiting on blood results (get them back tomorrow). Everything I've read says Plan B can cause a week delay... Not 3 months delay. 

I have been under a lot of stress lately, in the last year. 2019 was really rough on me, but I've never missed a period. I've been pregnant before, have a 5 year old. And I don't have any actual symptoms of being pregnant. My boobs aren't sore, my libido is strangely lacking, I'm not nauseous or vomiting, I don't have any cravings, no dizziness, no exhaustion. I'm not bloated, I'm actually losing weight.. So I'm just wondering if anyone else has had this issue in the past? Was it stress? Was it hormone overload from Plan B? Did you end up popping out an unexpected baby in 6 months?


I would like to add, I had a period AFTER conceiving my first child. So, sorry if not including that left anyone confused and feeling like it was a proper indication that I am "Stupid". I know some women can have a pregnancy with zero symptoms, I was wondering if anyone else had gone through this with Plan B.

But thank you all, for reminding me why going online to gain some peace of mind is a horrible idea.

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    Plan B can DEFINITELY cause your period to be more than just a week late. By taking Plan B, what you've actually done is just take a crapton of hormones. It's definitely not unusual for that to mess up your period.

    Also, stressing out about possibly being pregnant can do a nice job of throwing your cycle out of whack, too. It doesn't matter that stress has never caused your period to be late before, either. There's a first time for everything.

    You should really not be concerned about being pregnant after the nine negative tests, but if (actually, WHEN) the blood results come back negative, let it go. You are NOT PREGNANT.

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  • 2 months ago

    It sounds like you are not pregnant.

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  • 2 months ago

    If you haven't had sex since October and you've had not only a period after that but a plethora of negative pregnancy tests, why on earth would you think you were pregnant.  The Ob/gyn probably told you that any number of things (including Plan B) can mess up your hormones for months.  

    If you've been seeing a GP rather than on Ob/Gyn, please see on Ob/gyn and get a full workout up -- not just blood draw.  It probably is just a quirk of how your body is reacting to stress and Plan B, but there is always a chance it could be something serious.  A proper gynecological exam and a full CBC blood panel would be in order to rule out cysts or tumors.  

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