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Dealing with nosy people?

I constantly get asked why am i not working why am i not at college and it's starting to become annoying because it's really none of their business to even ask such a thing. My friends who are in my life are sometimes curious to what i do during the weeks, i get that but when strangers get to know that I'm unemployed and live on Disability money. I seem to spark their interests in wondering what i do in spare time, i got asked today "what do you do all day and why are you not working" "you can still work having learning difficulties" or "why are you not working or studying or why haven't you in the past?" I mean, talk about being put on the spot. These question is beyond curiosity, its just plain nosiness, that it almost frustrates me to snap at them in defense. Why do they need to know this? :/ I sometimes tell them i do other things like ice skating, playing guitar, swimming, cycling. But then people start belittling me for not working at 29 and or bettering my life at college, these people say it like college is my vision is my something When not everyone wants to even do that. Right now I'm finically better off not working, though people cannot stand that answer lol any help in how to deal with these people who keep asking? Thanks


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    I've learnd over the yrs that standing yur

    ground & saying firmly "NO!" does a whol lot

    to keep me the moochers but not full proof

    fô shô!


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    you're a deadbeat, you obviously have the mental and physical disability to work...the people paying your bills have every right to demand answers.

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    You can just say, I'm happy to arrange my life so differently with others and then change the topic to what you were interested. For example, last week I was.....

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    Yes that’s spot on, noisy-noses ratbags are found

    Everywhere please look way.


    Very best wishes


    Source:) know of them.

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    10 months ago

    These people are jealous, that is it !! Wage slaves praise other wage slaves and the same with education University kids. Anyone seen as unemployed or seem to have a ton of free time are the ones who are looked down on. Working for a rich guy is socially approved more than those who chose not to work. Why do you think you're attacked so much ??? They're jealous that you receive government assistance and don't have to work for it. Just learn to be more blunt and direct with these idiots who try pry into your life and Force you to explain what you do in the world. You really own them nothing. Remember that. I work my own business and i even envy your life. That just shows you 

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