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Does anyone know the form for the song semiramide by Rossini? ?

For a project I need to figure out the form for semiramide. I know it's sonata form but I can quite figure it out

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    Semiramide by Rossini is not a "song".  It is an entire two-act opera.  Operas don't come in sonata form.

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  • Anonymous
    3 months ago

    Letters are parts of words.

    Words are parts of sentences.

    Sentences make up paragraphs.

    Paragraphs make up a page.

    Pages make up a book.


    Songs, speech, dancing, acting make up scenes

    Scenes make up a act

    Acts make up an opera. (In this case Semiramide is in two acts).

    Semiramide is the entire opera, not a song. Your question could refer to any one of the songs sung in it. Rossini used the typical song formula of that time period, but I wouldn't say that all songs are 100% of that formula, so idk based on the information you've given.

    For instance, "Deh ti ferma..." is one of the songs from the opera Semiramide.

    So could you re-word what you're asking? Maybe send a video link of what in particular?

    Also I am 99% sure that it is not sonata form. Sonata form is most typically used in symphonies and for keyboard instruments. Can't think of a single sonata for voice. Sonata form is exposition, development, and recapitulation. Where the exposition is 2 contrasting themes (usually both repeated), the development varies the two themes and then it recaps.

    just google Mozart or Beethoven sonata and listen to one, then listen to a vocal piece.

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    • Kevin
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      So make sure you understand sonata form, and then read about Rossini's twists on the sonata form on that paper, and then use the outline on pg. 3 as a loose 'guide' to help you navigate/analyze the overture.

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