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Horror story part 2?

Part 1 - big fights between husband in-laws my family 

Part 2 - I’m back where I was now they gonna treat me even more bad 

I’m only 23 I don’t know what’s life about I have two kids I don’t know what to do. My bf tells me because of the kids he wants us to be together under same roof with his family but they give me stress that’s the reason I got my sickness. I have no fiends I cannot go out no money they have to know bout me everything I have no privacy. 

I think I got crazy and want to commit suicide 

I found out my family also doesn’t really have real face they talked so much **** and bad stuff behind my back. 

Man what a life

Guys what should I do will it be shame if I leave the kids to him? Or should I take them with me and move out being shame on his family?

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    Honestly at 23, I would NEVER have gotten myself into this situation in the first place!

    I have always worked and had my own money and lived my life as I choose.

    The very thought of someone telling me what to do makes me uneasy.

    When I got pregnant, I was married and totally in charge of my own life, my baby and my own home.  My job helped to support us as a family.

    If I were you, I would hop a Greyhound Bus to Nova Scotia and at least try to learn some assertiveness and coping skills.  Then, return and take charge of your own life.  You're not married.  No one owns you.

    • Ace Shorty
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      You talk like an American, she doesn't. Why don't you get real??

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  • 5 months ago

    Where is your mother and father at? 

    • kiki5 months agoReport

      I never knew my father and my mom doesn’t care about me she never raised me anyway 

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  • Pearl
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    5 months ago

    maybe you should move out if you feel that way and get some help

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