Why did she do this? Feel sad :(?

Long story short, I used to be a part of an online YouTube drama community until I realized it was a waste of time. I cut ties with a lot of the people because one, they were toxic and turning me into a toxic person, and two... they were a lot older than me and I wasn’t really clicking with them. Of the many people I conversed with on a daily basis, I only connected with like 2.

After I quit I used discord to keep in touch with one of them. Well I noticed that person started getting colder toward me and it was just me with intiated the conversations. Eventually I got sick of feeling like I was always bothering them so I unfriended them. They never friend requested me back, so I took that as to mean they werent interested in being friends.

Flash forward two months later, they friend request me again. I wish them a happy new year and they ignore me - for a week. So I unfriended them again.

Why do this? My other friend confirmed she was ignoring me because they were talking. Is that her way of revenge? How immature and childish. Anyway, I sent her a friend request then cancelled. I was going to ask her what was that all about but realized it was a waste of time. What a silly childish game to play. Your thoughts?

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