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Why did i stop growing at 13 years old?

So basically i was the same height as other guys my age all the way up until 13 years old, at 13 i was 5’4” and i never grew again. i’m now 20 years old and i’m only 5’4” tall, i also went to my doctor when i was 17 and she noticed on my growth chart i stopped growing at 13, because of this i went to get a blood test to see if my body had enough growth hormone and everything was normal. My moms height is 5’2” and my dad is 5’10” and my brother is 5’11”. I sometimes wonder if i might be taking after my grandfather on my moms side because he is short. Do you think it’s genetic or did something go wrong with nutrition or hormones to cause this?

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    Only a doctor can tell you why. I stopped growing at 14 & I'm only 5'. I know this because my grandparents kept a growth chart of all their grandkids. I moved a lot so didn't have proper doctor care in my teens, but I remember clearly going to my grandparents each summer and my height was always the same. I just stopped growing.

    The reasons why are most likely because I was deeply depressed as a teen to where I attempted suicide a few times and even spent time in a mental hospital. I also have bad insomnia and didn't sleep much. Kids grow in their sleep. I found out as an adult I'm also anemic. I was eventually diagnosed with many different health conditions such as fibromyalgia but don't know if that has anything to do with my growth but I can trace my fibro symptoms back to early childhood.

    If your hormones tested normal as a teen then you didn't have a hormonal problem. Sometimes it's just DNA.

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      thank you for the comment and i’m sorry about all that stuff that you went though in your teens, it sounds like your very strong. Always remember that bad experiences are what molds your personality and makes you who you are. Bad experiences also makes us stronger in the long run.

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    you may be adopted

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