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Cod fillets disappeared after marinade (details)?

I meant to marinate colossal shrimp, sea scallops, squid tentacles and 4 6 oz. cod fillets (olive oil, lemon juice, garlic, cilantro, chilli paste and scallions) for 1-2 hours but there was an emergency and I didn't get back to it for 24 hours. 

Upon checking, everything is fine (actually, it's more of a ceviche now but still going to grill it) except the cod fillets have all but disintegrated - very little left. Four large fillets are now the equivalent of 1/2 of 1. (about 1/2 of the squid disintegrated as well).

What do you make of this?

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    The acid changes the protein structure. 

    the fish and seafood were "cooked" by the acid in the lemon juice. 

    No need to have actually cooked the seafood after that. 

    But the fish broke down since it is "flaky" rather than a solid meat like the scallops, shrimp and squid. The squid broke down a bit because it is a bit smaller/thinner than the larger muscle of the shrimp and scallops. 

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    The protein and the flavor from your dinner are still in the marinade. Put it to boil (to kill any bad stuff), then cool it and give it a taste. You can reduce it an probably make a really nice sauce. Take the cod and add bread crumbs, maybe some peas and a neutral cheese. Form into croquets, bake and serve the sauce over them. Grill the rest of the lot and put it all together.

  • Anonymous
    11 months ago

    The acid in the lemon juice and spices must must have denatured the protiens and dissolved it into the marinade.

    Thanks for sharing, so I can make sure NOT to do that.

    Too bad you can't save it for an Asian dish that requires

    'fish sauce', but I know it doesn't keep for very long.

  • denise
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    11 months ago

    Its the length of the marinading time paired with the strength of the marinade.

    Too strong or too long breaks down the body of the fish.

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