What’s is a good amount of money to save up and move off? ?

I’m just ready for a new life in a big city I’ve lived in my small home town my whole 22 yrs and I just need something new. what’s are some tips for me to move off to another state and some great cities to live in? 

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  • Foofa
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    8 months ago

    You'll want to make sure you first have a job and a place to live set up. Depending on which big city you're going to it may be too expensive to just go and stay in a hotel for weeks while you look for work. As for where to go...check the online job boards for your occupation and see where there are the most attractive offerings.

  • 8 months ago

    If you move before you get a job, you need to plan what you will do if you don't get a job.  I recommend roughly a year's salary.  The area north of Dallas is growing.  Also Austin is a good place.

  • 8 months ago

    You need to find a job in your target city before you move.  It can be done, specially with the Internet to help you locate a job.

    You won't be able to rent an apartment in a new city unless your employed.

    Cost of living is higher in cities than it is in rural towns, be sure your new job will meet your financial requirements.  

  • drip
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    8 months ago

    My friend’s daughter moved to a new state last year. 

    She researched jobs, cost of living, rent, and crime in the areas .

    She settled on Charlotte.   She first saved a lot of money.  She sent out resume. It took about three months and she got an interview. She drove down with her parents. She had four appointments with apartment complexes (that had openings) and the interview. Three days later she got the job. Got an apartment and less than two weeks she moved and and was working.  You need to have a plan so when you get a interview and hopefully the job you are all set to move. 

    You need enough money to go on interviews, to move your stuff and to cover rent for two months and the deposit.  It could take a month to get a paycheck, you need money to cover expenses. 

    You need a budget. So you know what salary you will need to be able afford rent and bills. Cost of apartments will vary greatly in different areas. So how much money you will need will vary.  Moving your stuff will cost more than you probably think it will. 

    Don’t move without a job already lined up. 

    Weather may be a consideration.  And then cos of living. My daughter lives near Sacramento and prices of apartments/ cost of living is high.  But it is. A nice area. You can go on weekend trips to the beach, mountains,  redwood forest, Lake Tahoe. 

    Try a larger city closer to home.

    Or a smaller  big city Like Indianapolis, Lexington, a Columbus OH

    Have you ever lived on your own? grocery shopped for yourself? Biggest surprise when my daughter moved was the cost of food

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