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When I was a kid in the USA nobody watched or played soccer. Even Pele coming over didn't help their cause. But can I tell you something?

These last eight or ten years I've made an effort to get into the games. I've watched men's and women's world cup matches and I found myself enjoying the women's games more. But either way I always wind up bored to death. My untrained eye only sees errant passes and missed scoring opportunities. I'm thinking it's not soccer's fault. After all, the whole world can't be's just the way I've been raised and conditioned. So my question is, given enough time, don't you think eventually soccer will be one day huge in the USA and it can peacefully co-exist with soccer ?

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  • It's already there. Attendances at MLS games continue to grow and TV ratings are climbing slowly. It has the highest amount of participation among young people (even here in Canada hockey participation rates are largely flat, while soccer continues to grow). Not saying MLS will ever overtake the "big four" North American sports leagues, but it's a solid #5.

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    Atlanta & Seattle get 40k plus for every game. It is already big. It already peacefully co-exists with other sports as much as competitors in an industry can.

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