Paranormal experience, what does a woven triangle out of twigs mean?


My cousin has had 3 knocks on her walls, things being moved and stuff flying off her walls. She just walked into her house that's been locked up and had a triangle that is made with twigs and twine and bark, laying in the middle of her living room floor. She tripped on it and scratched her leg right next to her cross tattoo. It looked like a triangle but has a twig going through it so also a cross. We are wanting to know what this symbolizes, thanks for the help. 

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  • Amazing, isn't it? Your cousin managed to accidentally drag in a whole nest of twigs and twine, but if it was a red coat hanger they can only arrive by magic.

    Someone, either you or your cousin is exaggerating at least some of the detail, for a start things do not "fly" of the wall. Fall maybe, but not fly. 

    If this symbolises anything it is that you have too much imagination and a desire for supernatural events to be real. 

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  • Mr. P
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    1 month ago

    Has it got a circle in the middle of it also?

    If so someone is a Harry Potter fan.

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  • 2 months ago

    Think of the normal first. She may have dragged it in on her feet without realising it and the shape is nothing special. I often wake up and have even answered the door to three knocks but there is never anyone there so I take no notice now. Things being shifted around is something we can do without realising. If the house has been locked for some time, maybe someone has been living there or maybe still is. Check the attic. 

    Things that suddenly appear in your house are called apports. The most common of them are coins and seashells as well as the odd petals. I am still beat as to how a red plastic coat hanger appeared in the middle of my floor one night. That could be taken for a triangle I suppose. You will have to check the internet for that as all we have here are mockers and kids. Good luck with that.

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