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Can a URAL motorcycle be EASILY detached from it's sidecar and driven as a regular motorcycle ? What about the sidecar's hydraulic brake....?

..... could it be plugged/capped off?

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    It’s possible but is not as straightforward as for a bike built as a solo with an added sidecar. The Ural with sidecar is set up and intended for constant use with the sidecar. The integration includes the fact that the indicators (turn signals) extend onto the sidecar, so if you remove the sidecar then your bike won’t be road legal in lots of countries unless you fit additional lighting.

    See link for more detail:-

  • adam
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    EASILY? Nope. Its not supposed to be off the bike. Anything can be done though if you toss enough money and time at it. Heres a pic of anything that can be done with money and time. Doesnt mean you should though

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    You were correct to emphasize the word EASILY & the answer is it can be done but not easily.

    In addition The brake lines & taillight wires there is the necessity of separating the driveshaft U joint to the sidecar wheel.

    there is also the problem of 0 caster in forks.

    I cant say for certain but A solo Ural with the sidecar fork geometry would probably handle fine tiptoeing through the tulies  but i suspect it might have a violent shimmy at road speeds.

    Most of The old time convertible sidecar harleys actually had adjustable triple trees so you could kick the front wheel out when you left the chair at home.

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    Yes, it IS possible to remove the sidecar and ride the Ural as a standard motorcycle.

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    good read here - answer is it would depend on the type of front fork you have on your model.

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    It's got standard fasteners, dude. You got the keerect wrenches organized? Easy peasy nuttin' sleazy. IN THE ALTERNATIVE use explosive bolts.

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