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lsd come-up felt like mdma euphoria?

Maybe its just been a while, it has been 2 years since i last took any psychedelic. However, is it normal for the lsd come-up to feel almost identical to an ecstasy high. After the overly euphoric come up, it was a sudden switch that flipped and it felt like i fell down into what i guess was my trip for the next 10 hours. my question i guess is that normal? and what could have made such a sudden intense flip in the come-up to a dark and terrifying trip that was manageable just nothing like ive had before, but still tripping with loads of visuals. could it have been something else on the blotter? ive always been used to a subtle transition from the comeup to a vibrant trip. its a couple days later and my fiancee and i feel fine we both took two 250ug tabs from the same guy ive been getting it from for 6 years

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    There is now an over the counter drug and it actually better than real MDMA! There is red x Dawn which cost $15 a bottle and there is sleepwalker which cost $6 a bottle. The red x Dawn 1/2 of an ounce is just about all of it that you want to do! It'll have you speeding like you're on meth and rolling like you're on MDMA. For about $4 worth of the bottle. The sleepwalker you drink the whole bottle and you take one mini thin or one tweaker which cost $0.99 at most of the corner stores. For about seven and a half dollars you can get so toasted that you do not want anymore and The hangover the next morning from it is not half as bad as MDMA

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