where to camp in cool mountain air in summer?

I know of quartzite Arizona for campers, the free dispersed area is of interest to me,I think one can camp there as long as one wants, question is, is there a similar place up north and in the mountains of new mexico or colorado, or even wyoming or idaho or montana that one can small camper camp for the summertime, we love to escape the oppressively hot weather, i know of some BLM land, but I think one can only stay 2 weeks.  any info appreciated

1 Answer

  • 9 months ago

    There's BLM land all over the West.  You can stay 14 days, and then move to another place and stay another 14 days.  You can stay indefinitely if you move every 14 days.  This is true of the BLM areas around Quartzite also.

    There are a number of websites that show all these places.  One is freecampsites.net, where you can actually plan a trip and it'll show you the free camping places along the way.  Another is rvparky.com, which also has RV parks, rest stops, Walmarts, etc.

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