my power supply regular is 500 watts and 550 watts peak does this mean that my psu can go up to 500 wats without explosing and picks for?

1 - 2 minutes ? in 550 watts ? and what does 80 percent efficency means


psu : everest eps-550 80% efficency not certified peak 550

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  • A.J.
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    8 months ago
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    If you named an exact brand and model number, and what specification of CPU and graphics processing this is for, I can tell you whether it is more suitable for a waste bin than a computer.

    You should not exceed 80% utilization for 12 volts or total power. I need more information from you.

    The percent efficiency is wall AC power to the DC outputs for a PC.

    The difference from 100% is lost to heat.

    The ratings, if certified, are 80+ White, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum.

    If it says an efficiency without a certified rating it is questionable quality.

    The total power means very little without knowing the Amps or watts at 12 volts.

    If using a separate graphics card rather than CPU integrated, you may need PCIe 6 or 6+2 pin connector cables directly from the power supply.

    Power supplies do have a continuous at at temperature rating and peak power rating.

    They are supposed to shut down at peak power.

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