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Trouble with new school job?

I was hired recently as a one on one to work with a student and help that students class while in class. She happens to be absent a lot. So far I’ve just been helping her teacher and the students in the class even when she’s gone. But the principal said she wanted me to be an aid for a special ed class if the girl I’m paired with isn’t here, which is often. I was in the special ed class for one day and I feel extremely uncomfortable there. They are really loud, and continuously argue and scream. They keep touching me and I don’t like being touched by others. I’ve never worked with special ed classes before and working with one at a time would be fine. The noise is so bad I had a migraine for 12 hours. I have really bad anxiety and I feel calm with my regular class but my anxiety is so bad in the special ed class. I like my one on one job but I feel really out of place and uncomfortable working with students that need special help when I have no background in that. I’m a very quiet person and I’m good with kids but I WASNT told before accepting the job I’d be in a special ed class so often. I have no background in it and I don’t feel like I am as patient or aggressive as I notice the others who work with them are. I really don’t mean it in a mean way. I’m open to working with them one on one but a big class is more than I can handle. I cried because I find it so out of my element and uncomfortable. How can I explain this to the principal without sounding like a bad employee. 

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    1. The teacher should not let the class be so noisy - the class should be at the same volume as a "normal" one, so you need to talk to the head about the teacher controlling her class more.

    2. If you don't explain to the children that you do not feel comfortable being touched, then how does one expect them to know?

    3. I suggest you write an email, listing what your issues are and asking that the teacher is spoken to to ensure her class isn't out of control.

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    "but I WASNT told before accepting the job I’d be in a special ed class so often."

    What were you told when you asked what your role would be if the student wasn't there? If you were told you would still be in the student's classrooms then talk to the Principal and say that is what you told me during the interview (or this is what HR told me).

    In reality, it is likely you will need to leave this situation. The principal expects you to be working (which seems reasonable) and if you were hired as a special ed aid, it seems perfectly reasonable for you to work in a special ed classroom.

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    the noise shouldn't be that loud, sounds like the teacher needs help with behavior management.  (there are some disability related noises that need to be tolerated such as tourette vocal tic)

    hey ace, the student you are assigned to needs special help.

    unless you can broker a deal where you only get paid when the student is in, and you go home without pay the other days, you have to go where you are told...

    you can ask for a reasonable disability accommodation of only being placed in quieter classes when possible, but when the only opening for the day is a noisy class, you can still be required to go there.

    you may just have to mutually agree to end your employment there.

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    maybe you should tell the teachers what you told us

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