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Why is some food so spicy only to me?

 I live with my brother and his fiance, I'll just call her K, my brother and I work alot and frankly I'm not the best cook, so K cooks alot of the time or my brother does. Well K has an above average spice tolerance, as in she will put chilli powder, jalapenos, cayenne powder, really anything spicy into her dishes. She says she holds back a little for me but most of her dishes are still too spicy for me.

    Now I dont think I have a super weak palate, I like jalapenos and banana peppers and I've eaten habaneros and ghost peppers. So I mean I'd say I'm about average on my spicy tolerance. And her dishes with jalapenos I generally enjoy. But anything she makes with cayenne powder or even chili powder is generally a bit on the overwhelming side. And both she and my brother say I'm just being a baby.      I'm curious if maybe I specifically cannot take chili powder and cayenne powder or possibly am allergic to it. Now i have no swelling or anything that really point so an allergic reaction but I dont know if it's a possibility. Or maybe I am just have a low tolerance and just like jalapenos.


Also anything cajun she makes I generally cannot handle, just meant to mention that and forgot

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    Jalapenos aren't spicy at all anymore. I think they've been bred to be so to reach a wider market. Powders can be purchased in at least 3 different heat levels, as high as 140,000 scoville units, a little less than a habanero. And if you want it hotter, just add more powder. That may be the factor at play. Jalapeno is around 5,000su for comparison. A fresh Cayenne can be about 50,000, literally 10x a jalapeno.

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