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What is the best celebrity autobiography you have read?

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    The most entertaining one I've ever read is 'My Wicked, Wicked Ways' by Errol Flynn.  It has lots of hilarious stories but a lot of them are adults only material - Flynn was a notorious ladies' man.

    The next best is 'Adolf Hitler: My Part in his Downfall' by Spike Milligan, a well-known British comedian.  It's not really an autobiography but a memoir of his time in the British Army during WWII.  Again, lots of hilarious stories. 

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    Not an autobiography  but No One here Gets out Alive about Jim Morrison is the best biography I have ever read

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    9 months ago

    Non-wrestling: Broken Music by Sting...(the singer not the wrestler) 

    Wrestling: Hitman Hart: My real life in the cartoon world of Pro-wrestling  and Adam Copeland on Edge

  • I assume memoirs count - Just Kids by Patti Smith.

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    You know, I'm not sure I've ever read one start to finish.

    One of my kids was at one time a huge Marilyn Manson fan and urged me to read parts of his autobiography, which he wrote himself. (Most celebrity bios are ghostwritten.) It was pretty interesting, although if I'd known his music better I'd probably have appreciated it more.

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    "Adam, My life before Eve". Not very wordy, but plenty of pictures. But the forward done by the talking Serpent almost gave away the ending.

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    michelle obama absolutely

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    "The Book What I Wrote" by Eddie Braben

    The comedy writer for Morecambe and Wise - unlike most autobiogs, this wasnt a "oooh, look at me, I've had a hard life". It was funny, lighthearted and entertaining.

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