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What are some highly dense populated town/cities near the indian Chinese border ? Maps are confusing and I just want populated ones?thx?


Chinese cities only. Not indian . Thanks 

Update 2:

And densely populated only. Not simply on the border . Etc . Cuz I see that on the map . But I am just curios . Thanks so much . Tc 

Update 3:

or at least 50 miles out

Update 4:

only CHinese. Not TIbet

more than 50, 100 miles even

just big enough for a standard town

Update 5:

even north near kzathan. even 200. by car hyppthetically

Update 6:

nevermind i found out Xingjang has some city in it.

Ürümqi. its northern but it more populated than the other Tibet city.

Anyways thanks all :) tc

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  • Will
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    9 months ago
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    There are none. The border between China and India is down the middle of the world's highest mountain range.

  • Bill-M
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    9 months ago

    There aren't any.

  • KennyB
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    9 months ago

    The largest city of any size is Nyingchi (actually in Tibet, so not really Chinese).  Population 200,000.  It does not fit your definition of "densely populated"  It is about 50 kn from the border with India (although that section of the border is not well defined.)

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