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Why won't my comments show up under yahoos feature pieces, articles or news stories?

On yahoos front page, I've been typing my thoughts or replying to comments but they disappear as soon as I log out. This has been on going for weeks now, in fact the last time I was able to successfully leave a comment was 26 days ago. Has my account been 'ghost  / shadow banned' or something? I'm hardly a controversial or inflammatory commentator on those boards? I don't really use them all that much. Could it be my browser?


Josh, Comment activity: 6 - I don't need to include them, as I have only ever made 6 comments. They are just general remarks about news pieces, nothing offensive. One comment was voted up 281 times. Strange

Update 2:

I mostly use tablet or desktop PC

Update 3:

I must be banned because my wifes account works

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    I must be banned because my wifes account works

    I answered my own question here, so no answers will be chosen by me (sorry),

    bye bye

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  • 1 month ago

    Either a glitch, you are banned, or how you are doing it. Desktop or mobile. A link to an article you have tried. A time frame for when you posted compared to when the article posted. All are details that may trigger a good answer.

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  • The ruling class are getting tired of the peasants having an opinion so they're just closing off comment sections now and ramming their propaganda down everyone's throat without reply. 

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