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Do you have a spirit (ghost)?


Vitalism: The theory that living things are alive because of some "vital force" independent of matter, as opposed to because of some appropriate assembly of matter. It was gradually discredited by the rise of organic chemistry, biochemistry, and molecular biology, fields that failed to discover any "vital force". Friedrich Wöhler's synthesis of urea from ammonium cyanate was only one step in a long road, not a great refutation.

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    If you get knocked out due to a blow to the head in a fight or due to accident, your body is fine. It is still operating. The heart is beating and the lungs are oxygenating the blood flow but it is going nowhere. That is because the spirit (the driver) is not there. Nobody is home. Why has the body not carried on walking and doing whatever chores it was busy with? Just like a car that ticks over when you get out, it has no intelligent being to control it. If you look at a radio control car, inside of it is a circuit board. 

    It is the equivalent of a brain. It sends out power to the wheels to make them turn. It also turns the car left or right but it is not the life force that makes decisions. The life force is the guy with the controller who tells the car's brain what he wants. I suppose you could say that about us. The brain just controls the body but gets it's ordering from the spirit. That is an old theory. We may be already on another plane and operating our bodies from that plane.

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    While there is no evidence, one Speculation is based on Physics that the body may be ANIMATED by a conscious  being native to a parallel universe----Which RELATIVE to THIS Universe, is only a subtle form of ENERGY.   It is "Tied" into our body via a form of  energy/electrical "Induction" through several "Coil Like" Nerve ganglia in various parts of the body and brain----Corresponding to the "Chakras " of Eastern Religions.  Thus the being can interact with the matter of THIS Universe via a "Meat Puppet" body.------IF it were SO, THAT is one way it could work Scientifically.---No evidence or confirmation though.

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    Vitalism is not a theory, its a name given to a series of beliefs which have no basis in reality.  There is no scientific plausibility or evidence for any such "life force", and no evidence that any type of alternative therapy that invokes vitalistic concepts works for any condition beyond placebo. 

    You cannot rationally use it to explain spirits or ghosts, especially since there is no scientific plausibility or evidence for them either. 

    And the idea that some magic life force energy controls our bodies via the brain from another "plane" is absurd woo-woo nonsense. 

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    YES, i have a spirit/ghost because i' am a living soul.

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    Our imagination of only one spirit could be incorrect because of ignorance about this matter. 

    It is more possible that we have a five level energy body.

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    i doubt it, at least not that i know of

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    A ghost, no......

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