Where Can You Get Exotic Meat 2020 In Australia?

Hi. Australian looking for exotic meat (e.g. eel meat, unagi or anago, venison deer or antelope, cuy guinea pig meat, frog legs, alligator, zebra, ostrich, crocodile, rabbit, lobster, etc)


Also I want info from 2020 (A.K.A now) not eleven years ago like another post I read.

2 Answers

  • 1 month ago

    With the fires in your country decimating the wildlife, your post is ill-timed and offensive.

    • No it is not. But glad you care for us and the fires and droughts.

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  • John
    Lv 7
    1 month ago

    I'm in San Francisco but how to do what you ask is the same. You need to look locally or even online:  https://www.exoticmeatmarkets.com/default.asp

    Locally you may need to be selective. Eel is seafood so you'll need a seafood vendo maybe. Some of that is going to be Asian of some sort so you'll need an Asian market. I can get most of those not far from my house if I want. We had rabbit just last week.....Of your list, eel, venison, antelope, alligator/crocodile, rabbit and lobster are not at all hard to find.

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