Google docs help. Pretty simple thing?

Wrote a French paper so I changed the settings to automatically correct any ‘a’ to an ‘à’ and things like that bc it was annoying having to copy and paste or do it by hand. 

Well I thought that setting would only apply to that specific document; as it turns out I was very wrong. Now I can’t type an ‘a’ into google docs without it putting an accent over it. This is especially problematic when writing papers that ARE NOT IN FRENCH. 

As simple as the issue may seem, Google did not have a solution for me. I want to reset it back so that it doesn’t automatically put accents on the letters anymore. If it’s possible, can this be done on mobile? I’m using the app from my phone. The settings are very different than on a computer. And I can’t find the Language option using docs my phone so if that’s the answer I’m outta luck. But I think I reset the language back to English when I used docs on a computer but it still did not work. Please help.

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