why did my video on youtube got blocked worldwide?

firstly, i didn't use any copyrighted music.

the video is basically a compilation of scenes in a tv show. i cut through the scenes, edited them all for so many hours just to upload this video! i spent so many of my time in editing, only for it to be blocked!

and i don't understand why, because other youtube accounts have created and uploaded videos that had a similar context to mine. one compilation even got monetized for it (without getting claimed for copyright) and it's really difficult for me to understand because others have also done the same thing, but my version just had to be blocked and claimed.

lastly, why me? and why has other youtube accounts gotten away with it? why didn't they get blocked unlike mine who immediately gotten blocked after 48 hours, when my intentions like these other channels who had millions of views are the same

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  • 1 month ago
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    not sure but i see some videos add legal disclaimers that the content is not their own. it's also the case that the algorithms and people that review the videos are often poorly trained, overworked, and underpaid for the amount of trauma they experience watching at least 30 seconds of the same angry reposting of viral videos of animals being abused dozens of times on dozens of accounts every day. 

    i keep forgetting the name of the P2P/Torrent youtube alternative site but NOW is the time to get onto it before it gains mainstream attention. youtube is losing popularity with the trendiest content creators due to rampant insensible censorship politics and the proven profitability of the Patreon payment system (ironically, the Patron system is the way works of art by great artists like Beethoven, Bach, and Motzart were historically funded).  you can have one of the early accounts, which is good since you're willing to put many hours of work into a single video even for no profit. new sites benefit from people like you.

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    1 month ago

    Hard to say without seeing the video, but any time youre using copyrighted material theres a possibility that the copyright holder will wxert a claim and get it removed. And all the videos you see on youtube are the ones where the copyright holder hasnt made a claim. You obviously dont see the millions of videos that get pulled down.

    • good point. the studios hire lackeys or possibly have bots to scan videos for copyrighted content. they will report your video as infringement because they lose nothing whether you're in the right or wrong. 

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