How to map some place?

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    1 year ago
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    There are lots of ways.

    It depends on the size of the area (eg a room, a county, a country, a continent etc).

    It depends on how accurate you want it to be.

    It depends on whether you want to tie it into existing mapping

    It depends on your resources.

    eg. You want to map a square plot of land in the simplest possible way. You could sketch it.

    However, you may want it to be accurate.

    If you know it's square, you could just measure a line and measure 90 degree offsets (chain survey).

    If you have access to to a theodolite, you could take bearings and distances to points of detail.

    If you had access to GPS, you could use GPS.

    If you have access to aerial photography, you could use photogrammetry.

    You could go back to basics and measure a base line and tie the ends into astronomical observations and then use the base to create a triangulation network.

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