How do I wipe an M.2 SSD without any problems?

Basically I'm planning on upgrading my 256GB Samsung Pro Evo M.2 SSD to a 512GB SSD because I've taken up most to all of the space (only have about 2.1GB left), and I have a few concerns about potentially losing data. I've done everything I can to free-up space on the current SSD (deleting temp files / folders, compressing files etc.) and I'm still close to maximum storage capacity. I installed my current SSD a while ago and I vaguely understand the process of installing a new one, but before I do, I would like to wipe the old one and sell it to save a bit of money. My plan is to:

1). Transfer all the files from my current SSD to an external HDD.2). Delete the files on the SSD (and format it afterwards).3). Install the Windows Installation Key on a USB.4). Install the 512GB SSD into the PC and boot the windows installation media.5). Transfer all the files from the external HDD to the newly installed SSD.It's a quite simplistic overview of what I think I need to do, and from what I can remember this is how I installed my 256GB. But before I try this I just want some advice from someone more experienced (I've only ever built one PC, and I don't plan on building a new one, GOTTA SAVE CASH! lol) , and if there's anything I need to do before, during or after. My worst fear aswell is that I have 2 separate HDD's in the PC and for some reason if deleting any programs / files on the SSD could damage, corrupt or delete anything on them. I would appreciate some advice on this. Thanks. 

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    just disconnect the other drives(power and data cables) before doing the upgrade and re-connect when windows works ok. Just remember one thing....the windows version you install must follow the same path you followed to achieve your current version, eg if your pc was windows 7 and you upgraded to 10 then thats what you must do again. if you clean installed 10 from scratch then thats what you must do again. I hope thats clear. you can safely boot a hiren's 15.2 CD/USB image to minixp to erase the current ssd

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    You just detailed the most difficult way to upgrade a hard drive.  IT professionals would buy a cheap usb m2 adapter Pull the old m2 drive borrow\use another PC and image the old m2 drive using the usb dongle to an external\internal drive with enough space using a free tool like HDD raw copy

    Then put in the new ssd drive with the usb dongle and image it with the file you created from the old one.  Then resize the partition on the new drive and you are done.  

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    Use a drive cloning program such as clonezilla - or you may get a free licence to one with the new SSD; often for Acronis, which is excellent.

    Save an image copy of your existing drive to a portable hard drive and make a bootable version of the cloning tool.

    Fit the new drive, run the bootable tool and restore the saved image.

    Check everything works!

    If it does, temporarily swap drives back, download DBAN and run that...

    You do not need to reinstall or re licence anything - I've done this numerous times when upgrading drives in various machines.

    This covers making a bootable clonezilla USB stick:

    Acronis has a facility to create a bootable drive image from within the program.

    DBAN - do not run this until you are certain you want to erase the old drive!

    Another option to save one stage is buy a USB adapter for the M.2 drive - you can then clone directly to that without needing a separate external drive.

    (Though having a backup image of your working system can be extremely useful if anything goes wrong in future).

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