How do I get my home phone and cell phone numbers blocked permanently and effectively from scam calls?

I already did the webzite DoNotCall registry and its very ineffective. I registered my phone numbers many times yet i still receive constant scam calls from the government using my name.

I report it and nothing gets done

Why is that? Is there another way? An app or website?

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  • Dave
    Lv 7
    8 months ago
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    You can't. Nothing you can do. They don't care what list you're on. They are scam calls, after all.

  • Adrian
    Lv 7
    8 months ago

    Most scam calls come from other countries, which do not follow any regulations where you live. They will always call, forever. Nothing you can do about it for now, unless those foreign countries change their laws about scams and fraud....

  • 8 months ago

    Hahahahahaha , your not going to.

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