Why do some dried cherries taste gross like prunes, and others taste great like cherry pie? How find cherries that taste good w/ no sugar?

I ate some dried Montmorency cherries that had sugar added. It was very good. Then I bought some cherries without any added sugar, so that it would be healthy. On the package, it said "sweet, unsulfured cherries". They taste like prunes.

Does anyone have recommendations of dried cherries, that do not have any added sugar and actually taste good? Thank you!

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    9 months ago
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    Montmorency are sour/tart cherries.

    The others were a different species of cherries that are naturally sweet, like black. The sour ones are the best.

  • 9 months ago

    dry your own. 

    no added sugar and unsulfured will be more like prunes in look. 

    But drying your own you may still get the look and concentrated "prune like" flavor. 

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