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I have a question about social security. I took my SS early at 63, and the representative at the SS office said to call the day my spouse?

turns 62. She didn't go into detail, but mentioned depending on his situation that I could receive an increase in my SS. Does anyone know what situation this could be?

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    You can only receive a wife's benefit IF your husband files AND your own benefit isn't more than half of what you would receive as a wife.  When your husband files for benefits he will be asked about all marriages.  If you are still married to him or you are divorced and were married for 10 years and haven't remarried then they will check out your SS record and if wife's benefits would be due you, they will contact you after they've processed his claim.

    If he doesn't file then there is nothing for you to receive as his spouse until he does.

    PS:  The law changed after the SS claims rep told you that.  Previously wives could draw off their husband's records (or husbands off of wive's records) even if the husband wasn't drawing.  That is no longer the case.

    I was a social security claims rep for 32 yrs.

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    You might be able to collect based on his earnings record instead of your own. It depends on how much he made and how much you made.

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    You will receive annual income POSITIVE of 1.7 % per year starting at age 65- 66 depending on your past income this will continue for as long as you live..SS is going bankrupt by 2035 due to the SS Disability act passed by Roosevelt, with gives MY Money to people that did not pay into the funds for the time I worked,, but are claiming disability that is not regulated at all. The regular fund YOU payed into is ok

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    if you would get a higher dependent benefit when your spouse goes on SS.

    if your benefit is very low, and spouses would be more than 2x yours, the dependent benefit is  up to half the spouses.

    ie you only get 500, spouse would get 1200, as a dependent you might get 550...

    I'm not sure of the numbers

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