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FMJ .223 remington or a .308 winchester hollowpoint?

A .223 Remington penetrates less than a .308 winchester and is less powerful.

However FMJs are more powerful and penetrate more than hollowpoint

So a 223 remington in FMJ vs a .308 winchester in hollowpoint. Which would penetrate more?

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    The 223 was developed from the 222, a small game round. It was to replace the 30 caliber carbine, a round for support and non-front line troops. On the other hand, the 308 was developed from the 30-06 a high power round designed for the front line battle rifles. The 308 is a high power round and definitely will blow thru walls. But so will the 223.

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    FMJs are not more powerful, they just have a different type of bullet.  The answer to your question depends on the specific bullet design, whether the .223 has a steel penetrator and which of the dozen or so hollow point bullets designs the .308 is using.  Additionally, they type of trage makes a difference.  Distance to target barrel length determine terminal velocity.

    Bottom line is the both the .223 and .308 cartridges will do significant damage, no matter what bullet is being used, but the .308 has significantly more energy and will penetrate more than enough.

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    8 months ago

    "FMJs are more powerful?"  Depends on what you mean by "powerful."  A FMJ bullet does not expand, so it would have more penetration.  An expanding bullet can do much more damage than a FMJ bullet, much more. 

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    8 months ago

    Yes there are FMJ cartridges in .223 and .308.

    Also hollow points in .223 and .308.

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