Why people hate each other ?

White , black , asian , Latina Latino , middle eastern .

Everyone said my country is the best or  My people is the best . And  they all get in a big fight.

That is sad when I see these things in person . I used  to see people racist and killing each other on YouTube .  But now it show in front of my face.

What is the point to say white trash , ******, nasty Chinese , don’t bark Spanish , isis  Muslim . Why people can act like an animal . ? 

I notice people from different rage , country , do date each other . But it is not much . You think it is a lot but it isn’t . There is another story behind those relationship . 

Is that Life in USA is all about working everyday to live and complete with each other ?? 

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  • Anonymous
    8 months ago

    Fôr wėll over 95+ % of Humanity we as

    a species lived far apart in remote village but

    now in each other's faces so fighting will

    rėśulť :(


  • reme_1
    Lv 7
    8 months ago

    There are a lot of ignorant people on this planet.

  • Anonymous
    8 months ago

    Maybe it's because Latina is still located in Europe and you keep assigning to Mesoamerica ... they don't even speak Spanish in Latina.

    You know, that kind of makes you a bigot too

  • 8 months ago

    I take it you live in the USA, and you feel that people are not getting along very well there.  Well, it could be true.  It might not be, but there ARE a couple reasons why it might be getting less pleasant to deal with your fellow Americans.

    First there is economics.  America has the world's third-largest population and its ECONOMY IS SHRINKING, and has been for several years.  The numbers produced by the USA government and its captive international tools such as the World Bank don't show that clearly yet, but these are all under the control of American politicians, who do not wish to be held responsible for any bad news.  So the bad news is simply reconfigured to look like good news, and people go on believing that which allows them to feel comfortable.

    But the fact is that the USA has lost most of the jobs that used to allow high school graduates enough income to get married, buy a house and a car, and to raise two or three kids.  It has also lost many of the jobs that used to allow fresh college graduates to wear a dress shirt to work, pay off school loans, put money in the bank, and take a short international vacation each year.  The money those sorts of jobs used to put into American communities is now being spent in Chinese, Bangladeshi, or Malaysian communities.  That leaves Americans competing with other Americans over job-scraps.  It's been inevitable ever since WWII, and now it is happening and it's noticeable.  No matter what numbers the USA government publishes, the lifestyle stories in American media tell the real tale...  That's one thing.

    The other reason it might be getting less pleasant to deal with your fellow Americans has to do with DEFENSIVENESS.  If you travel through many different societies routinely, you eventually come to realize that one of the big things that is noticeable in each of them is a sense of openness in inter-personal dealings between the people living there, versus a sense of closed-ness.  People are generally carefree in their approach to others, or they are defensive.  The USA used to be a society that was remarkable for the open attitude between strangers (except perhaps in a few locales such as New York City and the Deep South).  Now it is not.

    You feel that people are fighting with each other more about their "race" or their "ethnicity" or their nationality.  What is actually happening is that Americans are, in general, abandoning their famously-open attitudes toward one another, and are now much more defensive.  In daily life this is marked by only a slight uptick in friction and incidents on the personal level, but the invention of social media has revealed a forum where Americans' defensiveness has become glaringly obvious.  This has transformed American politics as well, moving it from issue-based (where it was in the middle of the 20th century), to identity-based - (which is a place it has been before, btw).  Americans love nothing better than to discuss their politics, so this shift of political language has quickly spread into entertainment media such as radio talk shows and TV conversation-group shows...and from there into the internet...and from there into how people say "hello" to each other on the street.

    It's just natural that such a shift in defensiveness decreases how long you have to wait before you hear someone muttering something about another person's "race", "ethnicity", nationality, or even religion.  The USA has been through many such economic transformations before (in the 18th and 19th centuries...right up to the Great Depression) and this defensiveness has waxed and waned - it's nothing new.  Americans can't really do much to change their economic plight.  It unavoidably will put increased pressure on individuals to invent an acceptable standard of living for themselves (albeit it one that is far less comfortable than the standard their parents enjoyed) - and such a change ALWAYS sharpens antagonism and defensiveness along ANY societal fault line.  But they DO HAVE the option of understanding what is happening and constructively - proactively - adapting to it, instead of letting it turn them against each other.

    We will just have to let them sort this out for themselves.

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