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What do these lyrics mean?

Baby, baby, baby

Baby, baby, baby

Baby, baby, baby

Baby, baby, baby


[Lotus Juice]


Battleground's right here

It's a man's world

Come on

Gotta get ready for this right here

Hey yo


Fear's awake, anger beats loud

Face reality

Never beat charity

The enemy you're fighting

Covers all society (Damn right)

Mommy's not here gotta fight (All night)

Right here, Shadow ten o'clock direction

Seize the moment, they destroy the nation

Your rhyme slow motion, give me motivation

Freaked out now, and dead on arrival (What?)

Round up around, spit out, all over

Rhyme like a rolling stone, coming a crowd

Watch out, they move, they diss you loud

Guess what, this sound it bombs whole ground (So round up)

Don't ease your pace, cause enemy's brutal

Moment of truth, there ain't no truce

You're the only one, one world, one love

But the battle goes on

Shadows of mass destruction

[Hook: Yumi]

Ooh yeah

Dada-dada, dada-dada

Baby baby

Da-dada-dada, dada-dada

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