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why do middle children seem to be the ones left out and forgotten?

I am the only girl in my family but also the middle child. My mom was kinda mean to me growing up so being the only girl had its drawbacks. I am also the middle child and always got put in the shadows and still do to this day. SO i left and moved alone across country to start my own life 12 years ago. my family never seemed supportive tho of any of it and im still alone wondering will i ever find my happiness..?

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    8 months ago

    because they are usually useless. parents pay attention to the eldest as they are experiencing new things such as getting their license first, first to go out to parties, etc. so parents usually focus on those first experiences and how to handle it so that when the other children get to that stage they know what to do. parents then focus on the younger as they are usually most behaved, this is due to parents having had experience with prior children so they know how to raise the youngest to be an angel baby. it's sort of their 'child gone right'.

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    I disagree, my sister was the middle child and always looked at as the golden child and got everything. I was the oldest.

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