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Does this mean I'm being given the shaft?

I usually get invited to have a fundraiser every year (for the past 5 years) at Italian restaurant. The Manager has always been very accommodating. But, now, even though he's still there, some other guy (I assume a new partner) has gotten in touch with me and I can't get a hold of the Manager. 

When I originally emailed the Manager, I gave him a couple of dates I thought would work. (Figuring, he would get back to me and set it up easy as usually). Instead, I never heard back and when I called, I got the new guy and he said those dates would be a problem because they don't do fundraisers those nights anymore. I can either have Sunday evenings (bad night) but that the time would have to be short because they close early.

I was hurt, I was angry and I wanted answers. Why is the other guy so silent and is still a Manager? Am I to understand they don't want my business anymore?

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