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To people who want children: What makes you think that your child will love you, take care of you when you're older, and will behave?

Does it get to you that one or all of these options might be the case for your future child? Despite your best efforts at parenting? Personally, I find most children to be ungrateful brats and even though there are some good children out there, you are not guaranteed to have one.

These are just my personal thoughts, sorry if they come off rude. Do you agree with any of these, have anything to add, etc.?


I think it's a thing called free will and the impact that the rest of society has on them as well. Such as the children in their class that they grow up with. Just a theory, but some of the bad behavior could rub off on the supposed golden child.

Update 2:

Also for everyone agreeing with "it's how the parents raise them", what would you do if you had a child who was a psychopath, antisocial, etc. or engaged in a form of criminal activity due to mental illness despite doing your best to raise him or her?

Update 3:

I am also not going to pay for my parents as they get old as I cannot afford to, nor am I going to drive them to numerous appointments because I have a job. Do you think your child will gladly drop their life to do the same for you? I say this because it just really makes me laugh how many people think this is true. That their offspring will just magically have the time, money and patience to take care of them.

Update 4:

I generally wasn't looking for a specific answer, but it has become very obvious to me that people who want kids think they are better than people who don't. I can't wait until one of you breeders has a child, tries your hardest to be a good parent, and your kids end up hating you. I've seen it happen more than once and I can't believe you're all oblivious to this.

Update 5:

As for the person who said my "rant" wasn't allowed, you wouldn't say that if I posted all the benefits of having children ans asked who agreed or disagreed with me. Gtfo, breeder. 

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    Your question doesn't come off as rude, but it's also one that's not allowed here.  That's because it's a rant and it's obvious you're only looking for one specific answer.  I'm sure you'll get some strangers agreeing with you, but so what? 

    On the offchance you care what I think, you sound naive.  I don't know one single parent in my large extended family, or among my friends, who expects their kids to take care of them.  Why?  It's because all of them have planned carefully for retirement, and healthcare is the biggest part of this.  I'm in my 30's, and my dad and stepmom just moved into this 55 and older spot in FL.  People start out living very independently, but as needs change, they move out of condos and into the assisted living facility.

    However, unlike you, I'm not saying this is the only way to handle it.  For families with less money, these options aren't available.  Also, my cousin runs a nursing home, meaning she has a lot more experience than you and I combined on this issue of parenting. She keeps it simple, because it's always true:  Good parents produce  good kids, who grow up loving and respecting them.  If you're a single mom who brings in a series of abusive boyfriends, your adult kids won't care where you rot.  This is how it plays out.

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    First of all, I don't expect my kids to take care of me when i'm old.  As to the other two things you stated, those are entirely in control of the parent on how well of a parent they are.

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    When parents become verbally abusive and oppressive, they convince their children that the last thing they (the children) want is to have to put up with more of the same abuse they suffered as children, when they are adults and are taking care of their elderly parents. I often remind them that they (the children) are the ones who decide what nursing home their parents will end up in, when the kids complain to me about how bad their parents are. I never had children. Had to make that hard decision. The only way to protect my children from abusive parents was to not have them. Sad but true.

  • Tepee
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    9 months ago

    Children learn mostly from how their parents treat them and others.

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  • 9 months ago

    if you raise them right and love them why wouldn't they

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