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Ultra Orthodox haredi Jews and Israeli Arabs (Arab citizens recognized by State of Israel) are ?

projected to become 50 percent of Israel’s population by 2050-60.

How will this impact Israel’s politics and culture ? Will Israel become extremely conservative and religious ?

What do secular Israelis feel about this demographic change?


This is without including Jews from countries like Ethiopia, Afghanistan etc.

Update 2:

@ BMCR --- everyone knows about this demographic projection. It is all over the internet. If current trend persists, Haredim are projected to become 30 percent of Israel's total population in 40 years. Even if dropout rate from Haredim lifestyle increases in future and many become secularized, still they will be 25 percent of the country. That is huge. Another 20 - 25 percent will be Arabs and others.

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    Even if Arabs are doubled in numbers, nothing will change.

    The minorities in South Africa were applying Apartheid laws during long decades, nothing changed until that system collapsed.

    If they want to be REALLY respected not feared, Israel should ban their denied Apartheid system applied on the owners of the lands.

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    Projected by whom?

    "Will Israel become extremely conservative and religious ?"

    I doubt it, even assuming the projection is true and comes to pass.

    Israel is a Western style secular democracy. That will still be the case even if the demographics change.

    "What do secular Israelis feel about this demographic change?"

    I'm guessing some will shrug and others will whine about it.

    Then again, those who would tend to whine about it are the same ones who have been whining about it for decades.

    Ot put more succinctly: Charedi political power is far less than they think and has no impact on their lives anyways.


    "Everybody knows" and "its all over the internet" are meaningless statements.

    I asked for evidence and you didn't provide it.

    You could very well be correct.

    But we won't know that until you show us.

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