Will this cause any harm yo my computer's programs/files?

Lately I kept getting a message that iewebsitelogon has stopped working so I went in control panel and clicked on HP simple pass and clicked repair, is that safe especially if the computer is seven years old? My computer is too old to order parts and programs for so would it reinstall it from a safe place? I am also still on windows 7.

After I reinstalled/repaired it my firefox browers was extremely slow and not responding then something quickly popped up and closed and there was a program/app that stopped working and closed and I don't know what it was but it was then that firefox started working again.

Does it sound like I did anything worse by trying to repair it and will I have problems next time I shut down and then try to turn on the computer since that is when HP simple pass starts?

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Don't worry about whether or not Windows 7 is supported or not anymore, there is going to be a lot of support from device and software manufacturers for Win 7 for a long time. But it sounds like your Windows 7 install is getting clogged up, consider reinstalling it, either a fresh reinstall or an in-place reinstall.  That seems to be the reason why the HP software isn't installing properly.


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