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Rise and fall in body temperature?

I have days where I am just exhausted. I will randomly get extremely cold (my toes turn blue/gray - i do have raynauds syndrome) and will take my temp. I take it 3 times because when this happens I know my body temperature is going to rise to about 99.5 degrees. My temp then will just bounce back and forth from 97.8ish to 99.5 degrees. I'll have a hot flash which my cheeks will turn pink and I get pale. I will just feel even more drained within a minute. I'll measure my temp and this is when it bouces from the 98ish to 100.5 in seconds. Within fiveish minutes it will normally drop back dowm to where it was originally.

I then will have a random point in which i feel okay and can do some minor house work. Then it hits me all over again with this pattern.

Any possible ideas?

-i know I do not have a virus/something to that extent.

-i have had this problem for a little while now

-i have had blood work done and a colonoscopy done yesterday so we are waiting for the results. I also had an upper endoscopy done 2 months ago with showed villious atrophy and was diagnosed with Celiac Disease.

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