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Can someone with a learning disability and who is really bad at math, successfully go to college to become a nurse?

Or are they unlikely to pass?

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    ONLY IF you take a lot of math classes and learn how to figure correct doses etc. of meds based on weight, age, strength etc... IT IS PART of your job to check the doctors orders to make sure they are correct.. YOU better be good at it or you will be one of the first ones causing a OD for giving to much and not double checking it first.. 

    IF you cannot grasp math you cannot be a nurse as you will not pass the tests.

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    get some remedial math courses,tutoring,, develop a memory for values in chemistry,, medicine doses,,the metric and standard measure systems, 40 percent of nursies time is eyeballing pTs condition,noting minute changes that could have significance for the pts everything that matters,

    learn a foreign language, or 2,that'd be a plus too

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    Yes, I have some severe learning disabilities, and have returned to college and gained qualifications in Maths, and Biology.  I have gone from struggling, to being at the top of my class. 

    I now have an unconditional offer for University, and am looking at Marine Biology, I have been offered a nursing degree, but Marine Biology fascinates me.

    Just make sure you have the right Aptude, and aim for a high attendance rate, and the rest will fall into place.

    Good luck :)

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    Maybe with a tutor, and as long as they actually learn what they are taught. Nurses that don't know their jobs are scary, and sad to say I have met a few in the 10 years I have been a nurse

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    That would be something to discuss with the adviser for a program. If you cant pass the math part of TEAS, the math classes for the program and the NCLEX after, then, no, you can not become a RN. Much depends on how bad you are--you cant be a dangerous nurse.

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    Its possible to graduate, but much would depend on the severity of the learning disability and how bad at math the person is.  Even those without such academic handicaps often find nursing to be a challenging course of study.

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    please discuss with the head of Nursing. Off hand, I'd think that RN is out of reach as math is required for preparing some injections and infusions. And maybe I'm wrong ....

    LPN may be well within reach

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    In an area of 60% college graduates, some of them working has cashiers, mean cutthroat people, I don't think so.

    Normal area of 20-30 % college, nice people, maybe.

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    What makes you think they can't?

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