Hamburger Helper Digestion Concerns?


Two nights ago I made some Hamburger Helper Deluxe Beef Stroganoff, and it was delicious. However I noticed every time I eat the leftovers, I become gassy and mildly nauseous. I was wondering if I could be on the verge of eating bad meat, or if this is something other people might experience?

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  • 8 months ago

    Not to be too graphic about this, but hamburger helper always gives me to p00ps, no matter what variety I eat, so more than likely it is not the meat that is the issue, it is probably the hamburger helper itself.

  • Anton
    Lv 6
    8 months ago

    " ... Helper Deluxe Beef Stroganoff, and it was delicious.... "

    -- no.  crap in a box is scary, impossible to be delicious, my Stroganoff takes 2 hours to cook. (Sorry, but I love my food, and am a fabulous cook.  My Stroganoff is from a recipe that my pappy did, back in the 1950's -- Chuck, fresh mushrooms, onions, etc..)

    " ... become gassy and mildly nauseous.... "

    --shouldn't happen.  Refrigerator not cold enough?  Food left open?  Food Intolerance?

    (My daughter cannot use that boxed stroganoff because it has MSG.)

  • 8 months ago

    It may be some seasoning in it.

    Spoiled meat doesn't generally make people sick but it just tastes awful. Food born illness is from tainted/contaminated meat. Did you cook the food thoroughly?

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