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Does he see me as a GF?

We've been dating and recently I asked him over text if I could tell my friends that he's my boyfriend. He replied, "No answer." But he has said he's dating only me. Then a few days later, he joked about us going to a strip club and I was like yea sure. (We haven't had sex yet though). Two days later we met for a date and he said "strip clubs aren't places to take girlfriend or boyfriend." So I'm confused? Does he see me as a GF?

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    He may not want to say it out loud because thats too much like a commitment.

    He sees you as his girl friend. The Freudian slip showed that.

    Ask yourself

    Am I happy? Do I absolutely need that label "girlfriend" to be happy? Am I ready to be unhappy if I push the issue?

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  • 1 month ago

    No, or he wouldn't have said strip clubs aren't places to take g/f after he had already asked you to go to 1 with him.

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